Monday, June 27, 2011

A Tribute

Before we write a real blog post about our adventures this weekend at a jailoo (high country pasture), let me first, in true Kyrgyz style, raise a shot of vodka and toast my mother.

Here's to you, amazing mother of mine, for
  • Cheerfully going with the flow, even when we had no idea where the current would take us
  • Eating strange and unusual things (like sheep's lung filled with milk and your favorite drink made out of fermented mare's milk, kumis) without a word of complaint
  • Using the outhouse with a half door, two rickety old boards and a squatty potty inside
  • Becoming good friends with our dear friend and co-worker Chynara

  • Taking your shoes on and off numerous times
  • Getting on and off the floor to eat around the short floor tables
  • Eating food when you weren't hungry!
  • Squashing into a full car without a word
  •  Traversing "adventurous" terrain by car with no sign of fear (although I suspect some lurked deep inside!)

  • Doing your best to speak the language

  • Dealing with no running water quite well

  • Playing with the children at the yurt
  • Sleeping in the yurt with 8 other people :)

  • Cuddling and holding sleeping Daniel for that hour and a half in the crowded, warm car 
  • Being way out of your comfort zone for so long!
  • And most of all, for laughing, smiling and eagerly learning about everything!

You are the best!  Cheers to you!

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