Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kel-Tor Lake

Yes, another day of hiking.  (It was wonderful.)

This past Saturday we woke at 6:15, got ready to go, and left the apartment by 7:00.  We met at the Trekking Union Of Kyrgyzstan and were on our way by about 7:45.  It was a bit of a drive, but a nice one.  We started hiking by 9:45.

We walked along this beautiful river, past some horses, through fields of wildflowers and groves of trees.  We also walked up steep hills.

About half of the way to the lake was this whimsical meadow.  It made Katie feel whimsical anyway...

I, on the other hand, did not succumb to whimsey...

Alright, back to hiking.  Up some more steep terrain and we came upon this (no editing of photos done here, it's the glacial silt that gives the lake this color):

We had lunch, got rained on, hailed on and generally enjoyed the time immensely.  I walked around the lake just because I could.  The creek was a trick to cross on the other side, but the flowers were fantastic, as was the whole scene.  Clouds hanging on the mountains in the background, rushing creek, teal water, what's not to like?

I returned to the lunch spot and most everyone had left already.  I walked nearly alone through the flowers and trees until, at last, I spotted people I knew.  I promptly joined them for the rest of the trip back to the vans.  A good day.


  1. Nice! I did exactly the same trip (: It's nice to see it from another perspective!