Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bishkek Buds

Roses, people, ROSES!  (They're all over the place here.)

I went out for a walk through our beautiful city and took pictures of roses.  Seriously, some gas stations have rose gardens in front!  There are roses in the public squares.  You'll find roses at our school.  Roses can be seen in people's yards.  Roses even are for sale at florists!

Here's a small taste of a short walk through Bishkek this time of year:

Okay, and back to the title of the post.  This is also found along the streets around here.  This variety is worthless as a narcotic and no one even gives it a second look:


  1. Tyson,
    mostly just different varieties of roses, as I stated in the post. As for the last variety, check the first word in the last line of you current mailing address ;o)