Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hiking in May

Well, for whatever reason, we seem to have found a bit more time in our lives.  This has meant that we don't go to school on Saturdays like we used to.  So, what to do with extra time on the weekends?  Go hiking!

May 9th was wet and cloudy, but still a great day for a hike.  We ventured to a place Victor had taken us to previously and planned to just explore.  This place is on one of the marshrutka routes, so it's easy to get there.  We start hiking at a Soviet-era sanatorium.  This one seems to be out of use, but it has the same feeling as all the others we've been to...  take a look:

Once you walk through the grounds, you start up a creek and into the foothills.  Like I said, it was a gray day; a great one, but a gray one all the same:

We found a tractor and plenty of fresh green plants along the way.

The water was running kinda high and I eventually went in the drink (almost up to me knees), so we turned back when (a) we couldn't cross the creek to continue any further and (b) I didn't want to keep trying to cross the creek since it felt like most of the creek was in my boots.

Another Day Hiking...

So, about a week later, we returned to the same creek to go hiking with some friends we've met through church.  The weather was much drier, and the creek was crossable in more places ;o)

Alright, thanks for coming a long so far.  I feel like we're catching up on the last month worth of activities.  More to come...

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