Sunday, March 6, 2011

Story book snowflakes and other miscellaneous items

Here are a few random pictures with commentary!  Enjoy!

First off, we forgot to blog about the ice-lake.  On the way back from our skiing trip at the end of January, we stopped at a lake that was frozen over.  Very cool.

We're in the money!  When we exchanged money last time, we got this bill for the first time!  It's worth about 100 buckaroos.  Guess we shouldn't keep this one as a keepsake!

A serious statue and the moon.  Between the guy's face and his musical instrument (it's not a gun people!), is the waxing gibbous.

Last week, when it was bitterly cold, it snowed.  I have never seen such beautiful snowflakes in my life.  They were truly the story book snowflakes, the kind you make out of paper and hang on the windows in the winter.  Light, fluffy, perfect.  Peter says he's seen them on the slopes....  I think the trouble is, when I'm on the slopes I'm much more concerned with the snow below me than the snow that is falling above me.  :)

Hmmm... Peter - want to take this bus?   No?  Why not?

February 23rd was Men's Day.  It began a long time ago as a chance to celebrate those in the military.  It morphed into a celebration of all of the male gender.  Women's Day is on March 8th.   You should see the flower stands around here!  We, as of Friday, get to have Women's Day off!  This is what the women at the school pooled their money to buy all the men. 

These are a few pics from our walk this evening. 

 The snow has mostly melted, leaving a muddy mess.  Temperatures in the 40s means children are out again on the playgrounds.
Kyrgyzstan, eh?

 Looks like I just pummeled Peter in the stomach, doesn't it?  I didn't.

And finally, a link to a song that shows a fairly accurate portrayal of what many apartment complexes look like around here.

Accurate details:

The playground
Paint halfway up the walls in the staircases
The doorbells
The occasional graffiti
The heat radiators
The doors

Not accurate details:
There aren't too many Doberman Pincers around!
The outside of the buildings do not look Soviet enough (not enough concrete dressings)
Animated, love-struck young women aren't a common sight

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