Sunday, March 13, 2011

Humble Beauty

According to Charlotte in Charlotte's Web, one definition of humble is "close to the ground".  It was this sort of beauty that we discovered today.  Beauty that is easily overlooked, easily trod upon.  Beauty that can be seen only if one seeks to see it, if one can take the time to discover it.  It's the kind of beauty that only whispers, "psst."

Today, Peter and I stopped to smell the flowers, so to speak.  Actually, as the city has not planted flowers yet, there are none to stop and smell, so Peter and I went to smell the flowers.  We went in search of crocuses today.

We hopped on Marshuka # 172 and, after enduring a rather crowded ride, we disembarked at end of it's route, south out of town a little ways, close to the foothills. 

First we wandered through some open, low-lying land that felt like a strange mix between an orchard and a trash-dumping site.

  As we traveled upward into the hills we left most of the trash behind.

Up and up we went, through more orchards on terraced land.  And then we found it!

We walked higher and higher, until we could soon see a view of Bishkek to the north, and the mountains to the south.

And now, for the glimpses of beauty we found....

Congrats for looking this far.  There are only a few more photos.  There are times when you find that you just must take a picture of poop. (Or you are surprised to catch a sighting of something cool in the midst of the mundane business of life). Today was one of those times:

And, the lines in this photo are just too fun to not publish:

So, two more shots...  this one Iris might have stolen the show:

What a great day.  We escaped the city for a bit, and are thrilled to know that we can easily do so on a regular basis (no offense Bishkek).

May you too catch glimpses of humble beauty around you!

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