Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prague - Day 2

Alright, the first day was great, but by this time, we had gained a better understanding of the city, and the forecast was great.  First thing in the morning...

We hopped on to tram #22:

It took us up the hill to the area where Prague Castle is.  We got off at what seemed an appropriate place, and started walking.  The map showed some small streets to the west of the castle, so we thought we'd head that way first.  We're glad we did.  This is an old part of an old city, and the streets were very cool.  Narrow, cobbled paths with small side walks and buildings with lots of character.  I good place to poke around.

We wandered through this area for a while, generally making our way towards the castle...

And, we made it back to where we had gone the day before.  The weather was a bit more cooperative as far as spending time outside was concerned.  The "castle" is really a conglomeration of several buildings of varying ages, built by successive rulers, and the centerpiece is (as far as I'm concerned) the Cathedral: St. Vitus.

After St. Vitus', we walked through castle grounds and then moseyed on down towards the city.  This eventually will take you to some great views of the city and, if you walk far enough, back to the river "downtown."  

As part of our circuitous return to the hotel, we wandered through some beautiful orchards in full bloom.  Views of the city and castle came and went.

Well, it was a busy day.  I think it's time for to retire to the hotel to rest a bit before dinner...  see you later.

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