Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It finally feels like winter around here.  After weeks and weeks of fantastic fall weather, we were lucky enough to have a taste of winter last Friday evening.  Although it tried to snow all day on Friday, it was more of a snow drizzle (snizzle?) all day, amounting to not much more than a touch of white on only the coolest surfaces.  About the time we arrived home (5:15ish?), it began to really snow.

Katie and I went for a walk, which was beautiful.

As it does anywhere, a fresh layer of snow transformed the city into an entirely new place.  Sounds are different, the light is different, traffic changes pace; it's all new again, for the first time.  There's something invigorating to me about snowfall.  It's not unlike the first rain of autumn, or the first day you see your breath, or the first time you pass through the tunnel and find yourself at Tunnel View.

On Saturday, it was clear and cold.  We walked to school just to enjoy the snow.  It was a beautiful day.

Now, about the air pollution...  it's worse when it's cold and calm.  A serious inversion took up residence for a few days.  Thankfully, it has improved recently, but we worry it will be quite common through the winter.

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