Saturday, September 25, 2010


So, this morning Peter went out for a run while I laid low since I've been feeling a little off today.  He returned, out of breath, exclaiming "They have potato samcis today!"  You see, every time we go to the fruit market we stop at a little vendor nearby and inquire "Camci z kartoskoye yest?"  "Are there potato samcis?"  It was at this stand, a few days into our adventure here, that we first tasted potato samcis.  Absolutely delicious.  But, we've not been able to get them there since. And potato samcis from other places simply aren't as good.

Anyway... so I sent him off with money to go and buy 3 potato samcis. He returned with the delicious goods, and even better, with a bouquet of flowers for me!  They are now the background of our blog.  Such beautiful flowers - at such a high cost (50 som - a little over a dollar).    What girl doesn't love to get flowers!  Now they sit cheerily adorning our coffee table.  All is well with the world.